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Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black

Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black

Make music social with Ultimate Ears BOOM – the 360-degree wireless speaker made to rage, riot, party and play the music you love, out loud.

  • Make Some Noise: UE BOOM is the 360-degree speaker that drops bold, immersive sound in every direction
  • Up for Anything: UE BOOM has a versatile, go anywhere shape that is designed to be spontaneous
  • Life-Resistant: Colorful acoustic skin with plasma coating makes UE BOOM water and stain resistant
  • Live Wirelessly: Switch songs, adjust volume and take phone calls from up to 50 feet away. The rechargeable battery has 15 hours of playback
  • Double Up: Wirelessly connect two UE BOOMs together in stereo via the UE BOOM app to spread the sound and pump up the volume
  • Lithium Batteries are included, they are built into the device and are non-removable

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  1. 63 of 68 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    18 HOLES OF GOLF – NO PROBLEM!!!, June 5, 2013

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black (Personal Computers)

    Ok – so I am not the most up to date kind of fellow but when my buddy brought a little 25 dollar speaker onto the golf course I was like, “yeah, I like that, I need something like that.”

    So I started with the HMDX Jam…hmmm 50 bux, fits in the cupholder. Sound was decent, about hole 15, bluetooth streaming – DEAD

    Next up – JBL flip – better sound, 100 bux, Hole 16 dead.

    So after all that money(got some back from Ebay), I order this for 200 bucks plus shipping so I spent about 230 total.

    I got it yesterday at 3 pm. I took it straight out of the box. Charged it for the 10 minute drive to the course and played 18.

    This bad boy was still playing while I loaded up my clubs!!

    Sound is spectacular. It goes too loud really for a golf course which would turn into a bonus for say a pool party or garage buddy.

    The GOOD NEWS?

    I am DONE looking for a bluetooth speaker that lasts, sounds good and gets loud enough. Do I wish it was a 130 or 140$? Sure, was I willing to pay a little more to not have to keep looking?


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  2. 99 of 116 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Straight From The Horses Mouth: Sigh….This Amazes me!, July 21, 2013
    M. Griner “Matt” (Columbia, SC USA) –

    This review is from: Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black (Personal Computers)

    Ok, so I didn’t buy this on Amazon, as I didn’t want to wait on the shipping……I know, I’m impatient! I went to the local Big Box store and picked it up. After listening to it for a couple of days, I began to contemplate if I had made the right choice. So, I went to the local Bose store in Boca Raton, FL and asked if I could do a side by side with their units. A store associate gladly accepted my request/challenge, and we went into one of their sound rooms for product demos. He brought with him the Bose Mini and the Soundlink II.

    I admit that I lean towards Bose due to my positive history with the company. All things considered, I expected a “blowout” with the Bose coming out on top. WAS I WRONG! First, we put the Boom and the Mini head to head. The Bose Associate controlled both units from his iPod Touch to start. He started with the Mini and switched over to the Boom. Both were played at 50% volume with a very noticeable difference in output. To clarify, the Mini’s MAX volume was equivalent to the Boom’s less than 75% volume output. In other words, the Boom was MUCH louder than the Mini. The employee was dumbfounded at this. I said ok, lets test the sound quality with a song that I find myself listening to quite often. It is Mothers Wingspan, by Ben Leinbach, which I think covers the sound spectrum pretty well.

    We hooked both units to my phone for this test. Testing on the Mini began with a slight popping from the speaker. You could tell it was really straining. It should be noted that the volume on the Mini was set at 50%. The song was switched to the Boom, and the sound was phenomenal. Never did we hear popping from the Boom. However, at 80% volume you could begin to hear distortion, but by this point the volume was at an uncomfortable level (for your ears). Though slight, it was there. It was at this point the Bose employee asked me to turn it off, so he could go get his manager. He said he had to let his manager hear this.

    The store manager came in the room and we started back up and switched between both units. Again, the Boom BLEW the Mini away! When I stopped the music, the manager asked me what this “thing” (UE BOOM) was. I told him, and he said that he couldn’t believe the sound coming from this thing. Once I gave him the specs and other abilities of the Boom, the only thing he said was, “wow, that is amazing” as he shook his head and walked out the room. By this time, I was feeling pretty happy with my decision. Especially, given the fact that I could buy another one and have twice the sound!

    To confirm my decision, I asked if we could put the Boom head to head with the Soundlink II. Again the employee was happy to give it a go. Maybe because I told him that if it was a big difference, I would buy the Soundlink and take the Boom back. So, we hooked them up and played Mothers Wingspan just as we had with the prior test with the Mini. Folks, the Boom did not blow the Soundlink II away. HOWEVER, it did get as loud and as clear as the Soundlink. The only thing the Soundlink did better was the presentation of lows from 0%-50% volume. That being said, it DID NOT present them so well that I would spend an additional $100.00 on the unit. It should be noted that the low’s that create a fuller sound for me are what sells a speaker to me. I could not believe the Boom had just comparably performed with the Soundlink II. Neither could the Bose employee! As a matter of fact, he said that this made him want to leave work today and go buy a Boom for himself. In the same sentence, he also said that he wasn’t going to tell anybody about the Boom because it would put the Bose Mini out of business! He was just as amazed as I was!

    Now factor in above the ability to pair two Booms, water and dust resistant, 15 hour battery, pairing options, and shear sound. All of which, with exception to sound on the Soundlink II, the Bose cannot do. The question of which should I get, is answered! The Boom!!!! The only proof I can give you of my account with the testing as described above is…………If you don’t believe me, get one and go to a Bose store and do it yourself. I bet you will be surprised with the outcome. Just as the Bose employees will be too! I would absolutely recommend the UE Boom. To put the icing on the cake, with a big fat cherry; The Boom comes with a 2 YEAR warranty, as opposed to Bose’s 1 year warranty on their units. I am just amazed at the performance of the Boom! I forgot to mention above; the Booms pairing is super fast! Both the Bose and Boom are fast, but the Boom also outperformed the Bose in this test as well. Get it! I don’t think you’ll be dissatisfied.

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  3. 25 of 28 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best in class for sound & portability, August 6, 2013
    Thomas Bonneau (CA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black (Personal Computers)

    So first off this really would be a 4.5 star review but figured I’d give UE a 5 star on Amazon because they are really, really close with this. Like many I did some research on portable Bluetooth speakers and didn’t stumble upon the UE Boom until late and I’m glad I did.

    I had originally bought a Soundfreaq and had it for an hour before returning it. While I’m not expecting much bass out of a small Bluetooth speaker, you need a little kick. I listen to mostly electronic, bass-heavy music so the Sounfreaq was out straight away. Yes it’s half the price, but buy cheap, buy twice.

    If you’re reading this and are considering a BT speaker in the $200 range, by now you’ve probably figured out it’s really down to the Boom and the Soundlink Mini. If you haven’t yet, you will soon.

    While I haven’t listened to the Mini, I have an old Bose Sound Dock and listening to the Soundlink in the store, I’m sure the Mini delivers good sound, probably better than the Boom, at least bass-wise which is what I’m after.

    Now, I have the old Bose dock which sounds good, but it’s 2013 and Bluetooth tech has made strides and let’s face it I can’t be having my phone docked in a Bose when I’m at a party, those things were made for iPods. Many of you are probably like me and in a similar boat. And like me you were used to the nice solid bass the dock produced.

    But whenever making a decision like this you have to figure out what your needs are and what you’re willing to sacrifice.

    For me, the reason I was in the market was I’m going on a vacation and wanted something portable with a small footprint that could still deliver sound. I knew I’d have to sacrifice some low-end bass and that was that.

    I was planning on purchasing a Mini to compare, but honestly, the Boom is so good I don’t even have to bother. Here’s my list of pros:

    Form Factor
    Very small footprint. I almost thought the package was wrong when it arrived as I had listened to it at Best Buy (sorry you didn’t have any in stock, guys; your loss is Bezos’s gain!) and in my mind it was larger (I was probably just remembering the sound!). While I’ve only had this for the night, I’m sure I’ll have no problem tucking it in a backpack or sticking in a water bottle holder and being on my way.

    One negative it’s marketed as being able to stand vertical or horizontal, but laying flat it kind of rolls, not optimal.

    Big, Big Sound
    What the Boom lacks in true booming bass, it more than makes up for in sheer volume. I mean, this is LOUD. When I was listening at Best Buy, I had to have it only at 50% and even that felt way too loud. And as far as bass, certain songs sound better than others. If I’m listening to some super low end trap like RL Grime or crazy bass heavy stuff like James Blake or Jamie XX, yeah there is no way this thing can hit those frequencies. But listening some 4/4 techno or dance with standard dance music bass kick drum, it has enough that you know it’s there.

    But man, it just fills out the room. You honestly have to hear this to believe the sound is coming out of this little tiny thing. It does sound a little harsh when it gets up past 70%, I can’t imagine listening at that level unless there is a lot of background noise, but it will get a party started. I think I saw someone else here refer to it as a sound bomb or sound grenade, and that’s an apt description. This thing is the thermal detonator of Bluetooth speakers.

    Simplicity but with Attention to Design
    Dead simple. Easy sync. Only two big volume buttons. Micro USB. A little hook if you need to hang it. Line in for non-BT devices. A battery meter shows up in your iPhone info bar at the top of the phone when you connect. It’s the little things. No bloat here, but also nothing I find missing.

    Looking at the color schemes and marketing photos, it’s obvious the market UE is going after here, they want the mobile party crowd and they hit their mark. Just little details like pressing the buttons gives you a cool volume announcement. You get your choice of colors. The app lets you name the device, which while stupid is fun. And it makes neat little drum sounds when pairing. The USB is an easy-to-spot yellow and flat cord, again with portability and practicality in mind. Little things.

    While I haven’t taken it on the road yet, I can already tell by the build that this will be a rugged piece of tech. You can get it wet, and it just has a solid feel that you won’t worry about it knocking about in a bag or getting kicked over at a party or getting sand on it at the beach. That was a deciding factor against the Mini: it just looks too nice. I’d want it just sitting on my deck or in my office, I wouldn’t want it on a boat or a on the beach or who knows where else.

    Battery Life
    Haven’t put this to the test yet but I’m going to…

    Read more

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Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black

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