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WD My Cloud EX4 16TB: High-Performance NAS, Ultimate Reliability, Personal Cloud Storage(WDBWWD0160KBK-NESN)

WD My Cloud EX4 16TB: High-Performance NAS, Ultimate Reliability, Personal Cloud Storage(WDBWWD0160KBK-NESN)

My Cloud EX4 Personal Cloud Storage – Ultimate reliability from the trusted name in storage.

Built from the ground up with the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from WD, My Cloud EX4 is a high-performance, four-bay NAS for your home or small office. It offers a robust all-metal enclosure, multiple RAID volumes, easy drive installation, and a full suite of apps for the power and flexibility to expand your NAS features.

Featuring WD Red drives
My Cloud EX4 works right out of the box with integrated WD Red hard drives for ultimate compatibility in the unique 24×7 NAS operating environment. Pre-set in RAID 5 mode for ultimate protection for your data from the start.

My Cloud EX4

Easy to set up, easy to manage
Effortlessly install drives or hot swap within five seconds with WD’s advanced, all-metal enclosure design. WD’s powerful dashboard means you are always in control.

My Cloud EX4

Extensive data protection
You’re armed with multiple options to secure your data from loss. Choose RAID 1, 5, 10 or select from spanning and JBOD modes for even more options to manage your data.

My Cloud EX4

My Cloud EX4

Ultimate reliability – Built from the ground up with the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from WD.

Your options are endless – Choose the diskless enclosure with easy drive install and hot swap to effortlessly add up to four drives and grow as your needs expand. Or, choose a populated system that works right out of the box, featuring WD Red hard drives for ultimate compatibility in the unique 24×7 NAS operating environment.

High-performance NAS – Dual Ethernet and power supply ports; 512 MB memory and 2.0 GHz processor deliver reliable, blazing-fast performance for your home or small office.

Drive management and data protection at its best – You’re armed with multiple options to secure your data from loss. Choose RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 or select from spanning and JBOD modes for even more options to manage your data.

Easy to manage – A powerful dashboard and LCD display means your system is always under your control. Monitor your drives, manage users, and utilize energy-saving features. Email and mobile alerts keep you informed on My Cloud EX4 status.

Award-winning desktop and mobile apps – With WD’s My Cloud mobile and desktop apps, you can upload, access and share your documents from anywhere. Conveniently transfer files from your public cloud service to the My Cloud EX4 directly from the mobile app.

Powerful apps to customize your NAS – Featuring industry-leading apps, including aMule, Icecast, Joomla!, phpBB, phpMyAdmin, and SqueezeCenter.

Advanced serving options – Integrated file server, FTP server, backup server and P2P torrent download server.

Stream media to your connected devices – Stream videos and photos to connected TVs, media players, gaming consoles and other DLNA/UPnP devices. Features a Twonky 7.2 and a DLNA-certified 1.5 media server. And with My Cloud EX4’s iTunes server, you can easily stream your music collection.

Back up, your way – Protect your data with remote backup to another My Cloud EX4, integrated cloud backup or local LAN/WAN backup. PC users, WD SmartWare Pro offers options for how, when and where you back up your files for up to ten computers. Mac users, utilize all the features of Apple Time Machine backup software to protect your data.

Increase your personal cloud capacity – Simply attach a compatible USB hard drive directly to one of the two USB 3.0 expansion ports on My Cloud EX4 and instantly expand your storage capacity.

Integrated energy-saving features – Save money on your energy bill with disk spin-down and scheduled power on/off.

Your own personal cloud – Unlike public clouds, My Cloud EX4 allows you to keep all your content in one safe place on your home or office network instead of a remote server. No mysterious location of your data. No monthly fees. No limits. Just blazing-fast performance for your high-speed digital life.

Advanced features – iSCSI target, full-featured FTP services, link aggregation and failover support, jumbo frame support, iPv6 ready, UPS support (USB and network), real time resource monitor, volume encryption with boot-up password, SNMP, and virtual volumes.

My Cloud EX4 personal cloud storage products work concurrently with multiple operating systems including Mac OS, Windows 8, iOS and Android with mobile apps.

Ideal for

  • Centralizing and organizing your data in one secure location
  • Securing your data from loss with customizable disk management and multiple RAID options
  • Backing up files automatically from all the PC and Mac computers on your network
  • Streaming all your media files on your network
  • Quickly installing drives with ease
  • Saving, backing up and sharing your stored content from anywhere
  • Accessing and saving files securely from any computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • Uploading photos and videos directly to your personal cloud to free up space on your mobile devices
  • Transferring files between your public cloud accounts and My Cloud EX4

What’s in the box
Four-bay personal cloud storage, Ethernet cable, power supply and cable, Quick Install Guide.

Windows 8.1 or earlier, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (SP 3) operating systems
Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion or Snow Leopard operating systems
DLNA/UPnP devices for streaming
Internet connection for remote access

Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Safari 6 or higher
Firefox 21 or higher
Google Chrome 27 or higher on supported Windows and Mac OS platforms

Note: Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating system.

Features at a glance

  • Four-bay enclosure, 0 – 16 TB
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • Dual USB 3.0 expansion ports
  • 2.0 GHz processor
  • 512 MB of system memory
  • PC/Mac compatible
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 10; JBOD, spanning
  • Easy drive install and hot swap
  • Twonky 7.2 DLNA 1.5 & UPnP certified media server
  • Anywhere access from computers, tablets, and smartphones with My Cloud desktop and mobile apps
  • A full suite of third-party apps
  • iTunes support
  • Dual power and network redundancy
  • Optimized for WD Red drives with WD’s exclusive NASware technology

My Cloud EX4

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  • Reliable, high-performance, four-bay NAS for your home or small office
  • Diskless enclosure for ultimate flexibility or a populated system that works out of the box
  • User-selectable drive management with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 as well as spanning and JBOD modes
  • Get up and running quickly with easy drive installation or buy a populated version that works right out of the box
  • Easy to manage with a powerful dashboard, LCD display and drive status alerts
  • Advanced serving options including an integrated file server
  • Award-winning desktop and mobile apps
  • Industry-leading third-party apps, including aMule and Icecast

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Question by bakegoodz: Can Windows be booted from the network?
If not, can put most of the system be ran from network drive?

Best answer:

Answer by ?
There are several free programs out there that will allow you to wake up a computer over the LAN, but your system board and/or NIC must support WOL. This is the one I use, it’s simple and it works


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What customers say about WD My Cloud EX4 16TB: High-Performance NAS, Ultimate Reliability, Personal Cloud Storage(WDBWWD0160KBK-NESN)?

  1. 109 of 110 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Super awesome device, connectivity issues though, November 27, 2013
    Paul Gregory

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I have been researching SAN devices for a while. This one looked like a great option. I loaded (3) 1TB WD RED NAS drives into this and powered it on. It formatted the drives ( default RAID 5 ) and I had 1.9TB of space. So far so good.

    I set up iSCSI with 1TB of the RAID 5 volume. Worked great. I Migrated a virtual machine from local storage on my esxi 5.1 box over to the iSCSI drive. Worked wonderfully. Went to bed. In the Morning the device informed me that the RAID was degraded. :(

    I attempted to use the control panel to repair the RAID, it just got stuck in some loop. I was able to migrate the VM back onto the esxi box. However I couls not repair the RAID. So… I just started over. turned off machine, popped out the drives, moved them to different slots so that the NAS would reformatt/ re partition the drives. It acknowledged the drives, showed them as 1TB each. Unlike the first time, it didn’t automagically start formatting. So I followed the directions online and changed the RAID to RAID 5. The web page control panel said it was in the process of partitioning the drives, please be patient. I was patient all night long, woke up in morning the page was stuck again. The LCD on front was just in it’s default displays. Like it has no idea what was going on. Obviously the web page control panel was attached, as it knew the status of the drives… and it is hosted on the ip address of the WD device.

    I have turned the machine off and given up until after Thanksgiving. I used thee WD RED NAS drives. I am very hopeful that I am just overlooking something really easy, as the instructions are sparse and FAQ’s are limited.

    I am not dissapointed yet, as I think this machine will be awesome once I get it up and running. Maybe a call to customer support after Thanksgiving will get me going. I will update this review as I get further along.

    PROS: Very simple setup ( the initial setup was completely automated ) and easy RAID setup. Acts as a NFS, NAS, iSCSI Target, can backup Time-machine, be accessed from internet, set up users with quotas and passwords. Very versatile and has APPS available. Supposedly it can stream media as well. There is an option for iTunes too ( have not tried that yet.) Also, the unit is WHISPER QUITE!!

    CONS: hard to say yet, though I did get a degraded RAID my first night. However, I cannot definitively say this device was responsible. So, assuming the Drive was actually bad?? none so far

    I would still recommend this device, as it has so much going for it, and I am sure it will deliver once I figure out my issue.

    If anyone reading this has had experience with this device and degraded RAID rebuild issues, or the web interface issue ( locking up during Partitioning or Formatting) please respond. Again, I am very hopeful for this device.

    **EDIT: 03 DEC 2013 ( after the Holiday )**

    I have been contacted by a representative at WD. After trying again, the same issues have been happening. They are going to ship me another device for RMA and once that is in and I test it I will write another review. Hopefully their engineers will let me know what the error was, as It would be good for information, as if the drives should be within a certain serial number, maybe a HDD firmware issue? or a way to test the drives before placing them in the unit. So, I will update this when I get the new unit.

    **EDIT 10 DEC 2013 **

    I have had the new unit that was shipped to me directly from Western Digital. It has (4) 2 TB WD RED NAS drives. Was already configured in RAID 5, which is what I wanted it to be. It has been operating flawlessly for 5 days now.

    In RAID 5 it has 5.94 TB of storage. I have created a 1TB iSCSI target and use it with my esxi 5.1 server. I have shared out the storage with multiple computers in a network share. I have used the iphone app to share data with my iOS devices. Also an App that lets me see all the shares on the unit.

    I have been using the new device as much as possible from home and from work. I do not see any issues with speed, however I am using it for a home network. I can stream movies from it to my TV. I am using the My Media app on ROKU and have the media on the WD Cloud shared to a windows 8 machine, which has the my media software. This works very well.

    I am still testing other functions, as this has so many options to choose from. I run my own FTP and SSH servers, but this unit can do both, so I will switch over to this device as I get familiar with the operations.

    I am very happy so far, and excited to learn new uses for this device.

    At this moment I have no CON’s to report. For my use this device is what I have been searching for for a while.

    I would highly recommend this unit for SOHO and home media uses. For keeping central storage and backing up photos from iphones. There may be…

    Read more

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  2. 18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Powerful yet easy to set up, December 17, 2013
    Erika Mitchell (E. Calais, VT USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    This is a network storage system for home use or small businesses. It consists of a black box with 4 2Tb drives, giving up to 8 Tb of storage depending on what options you choose for RAID. Also included inside the package is an Ethernet cable, a power supply cable, and a 1-page foldout quick start guide. I was a bit dubious about the quick start guide, having struggled for hours with a similar Seagate device. However, it worked! I plugged in the cables as shown in the guide. I entered the address printed in the guide into my web browser. As shown in the guide, that brought up a website with a link to download software for the storage device. I installed the software and I was up and running–just like that! All told, from unpacking to copying my first file onto the new device took about 20 minutes, with no false starts. And if that wasn’t easy enough, there was also a card in the box with a phone number to call for technical support with installation. Thus, this is a great choice for ordinary folks who want to set up their own home network storage systems, but aren’t necessarily network engineers.

    Still, I did have some issues. I would like to use this system to backup my desktop files automatically. The MyCloud device comes with a free license for the WD SmartWare Pro software. I downloaded the software, installed it, and tried to set up my backup. However, every time I opened the WD SmartWare Pro software, the MyCloud device would appear only momentarily on the home screen, then disappear, leaving DropBox as the only backup option. I fished around through a lot of settings and had no luck getting the backup to work, so I contacted technical support via email. Although their auto-response said they would try to respond within 24 hours, it took 4 days for them to get back to me. Their response said:

    1) Click on the “Start” menu, and on the search bar please type “Services.msc”.

    2) Once opened, please look for the following services and insure that their Status is enabled or started and their Startup type is Automatic:

    Network Connections. Started and automatic.
    Network List Service. Started and automatic.
    Network Location Awareness. Started and automatic.
    Network Store Interface Service. Started and automatic.
    Server. Started and automatic.
    SSDP Discovery. Started and automatic.
    UPnP Device Host. Started and automatic.
    Workstation. Started and automatic.

    Once the services are set correctly, please restart your PC and try again.

    I followed these instructions to the letter. Then I opened WD SmartWare, again, but I still only saw DropBox as a possible backup target. I wrote back to technical support and got an answer after just 4 hours this time, saying to try disabling my firewall and virus protection. That seemed odd. But when I did so and opened WD SmartWare again, it finally showed the MyCloud drive, and it also showed a backup in progress with 500 Gb already copied. At the rate it’s going, the backup must have been underway for several days, even though the device didn’t show up on the homescreen in WD SmartWare. Thus, it seems there are some software kinks between WD SmartWare and WD MyCloud that haven’t been worked out yet. Nevertheless, the system seems to be working now, even with my firewall and virus protection turned back on.

    Back to the MyCloud device: this is a very powerful system, with a lot of bells and whistles. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion or Snow Leopard. I haven’t had much luck yet connecting my Linux computer to it–hopefully it will be possible, although a Linux connection is not documented by WD. The device does RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD, and spanning. Its 4 hard drives are hot swappable. If you have experience administering a network, you will find lots of great features like volume encryption with passwords, a network recycle bin, user and group management and quotas, media streaming, P2P download server, Joomla, and many more. Casual home users, on the other hand, may not need all these extras, but they will certainly appreciate the ease of installation of this device for backing up and sharing files on a home network, with the ability to access their files from anywhere.


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  3. 10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Look no further, January 12, 2014

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Installed 4 3TB WD Red drives. The NAS was up and running, formatted the drives and built the RAID array (RAID 5) within 20 minutes, and all I did was turn it on. Software is easy to use yet complex enough to let you customize the device. All my computers picked it up right away (windows and Linux) and were able to use it no problem.

    The cloud function worked out of the box and now I can access my files from anywhere. I looked into alot of the cheaper devices but I’m happy I settled on this, still a good value for what you get.

    If your looking for a solid NAS for home or office use, here it is.


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  4. Simple answer: Yes, but you probably can’t afford it. To boot windows off a network, you need very high end Storage Area Network equipment, and special network cards in your servers. Other operating systems seem to work rather well booting off the network, such as DOS, or Linux. There is also a “slimmed” down version of windows called WinPE that is designed to be booted from the network, but it does not run many applications, and doesn’t support nearly as much hardware as the full windows.

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