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Image by James Morrison
The one ‘gadget’ my mother uses all the time. It comes with a wireless sensor you attach to the mains cable.

In the case of my parents house because they are elderly they have two meters one for the cheap rate storage/space heaters and one for normal electricity. The display reads 0kW because the sensor is attached to the cheap rate cable when all the heaters were off. When one of the heaters is switched on you see an almost immediate jump in usage of about 0.6-0.7kW ( you can purchase additional sensors as there are three sensor inputs on the wireless transmitter, which would be useful for seeing combined usage, I don’t believe you could read the sensors individually )

You can program in the amount electricity costs you per kw and set alarms for usage limits and enter a unit for the amount of greenhouse gas per kw you believe is emitted.
A handy device which I believe are being given away in small localised trials to see how they affects usage patterns. Anyway it lets mum see how many of her heaters are on all over the house from the Kitchen.

Due to licensing problems it no longer seems to be called Electrisave it is now OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor cheaper than it was as Electrisave also available on Amazon , a neat Xmas gift.

There is also the Efergy homeCO2meter which has a memory function ( appearantly also to be included in the upcoming OWL model ) and is about a tenner cheaper.

WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 with Auto and Cloud Backup – Blue (WDBZFP0010BBL-NESN)

WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 with Auto and Cloud Backup - Blue (WDBZFP0010BBL-NESN)

My Passport Ultra with USB 3.0 and high capacity features automatic and cloud backup; password protection and hardware encryption, 3-year limited warranty.

  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Automatic and cloud backup
  • Password protection and hardware encryption
  • Works great with Windows 8
  • 3-year limited warranty

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Question by GIna: Help! Wireless adapter missing?
Hi, My computer crashed yesterday and i had to reformat my C drive with the help of a friend. Im not good with computers except the basic. However, after that i realised my Wifi (the mini computer at the side- was missing) is missing and i can t use it? Before crashing my wifi connection was working perfectly well. When i open Device Manager this is what is there: Listed under Network Adapter:1394 Net Adapter and realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC. Then listed under Other Devices is a list of Yellow Question marked devices; Mass storage controller, Network controller, PCI Device, Unknown Device, Video Controller, Video Controler (VGA COmpatible)? What does this mean? Is my wireless adapter still there? What should I do? Quite upset. Please do help. Thank you very very Much
Thanks I hope u can further help me. I dont remember the name of the wireless adapter. Is there a way for me to find it out so i may download the driver?

Best answer:

Answer by heyimjason
If you don’t have the driver CD that came with your wireless adapter, try using your regular ethernet connection to get online so that you can download the drivers from the adapter manufacturer’s website.

Otherwise, you may need to use a friend’s computer to get the drivers and burn them to a CD.

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Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 with Auto and Cloud Backup – Blue (WDBZFP0010BBL-NESN)?

  1. 940 of 978 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Not so Ultra., November 14, 2013
    Gravemind (New Jersey, USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Update 2/23/14 – Okay fellow Amazon shoppers. I’m caving in to some of the comments that have been posted on my review and upping my star rating to four stars. Reason being that the price of this storage drive keeps fluctuating so much that it’s often a better deal than other, lesser drives out there. I’ve also edited my review a bit to accommodate that. The drive itself has been working like a champ for me so far and I’ve got no complaints there. However, I’m still holding off one star due to most of the reasons I stated in my original review. The WD Smartware included software is still garbage despite recent updates/patches, and I stick to my story that the packaging is misleading to the non-technical.

    I had been using a Seagate FreeAgent Go 640GB portable drive for about three years now, and wanted something with some more space and higher transfer speeds. I purchased this drive for it’s beefy 2 TB of storage space and speedier USB 3.0 interface.

    Out of the box, you get the drive, a 15″ USB 3.0 cable, soft pouch, quick install guide, and a 3-year limited warranty. The drive looks nice, and appears to be of good construction. Doesn’t look or feel cheaply made. I like how compact it is. It’s about an inch shorter in length than my FreeAgent Go, and maybe a millimeter or two thicker. The included soft pouch is a nice addition and helps keep dust and dirt off of it. Not an ideal case solution if you’re prone to dropping things or somewhat rough with your belongings, so you might want to invest in a more rugged case. It works fine for me though as I keep mine in a messenger bag when on the go, and it’s a nice addition considering most other drives don’t come with anything. The included USB cable is long enough to plug into the USB port on the front of my PC and reach my desk’s surface. So, thumbs up there.

    Functionally, the My Passport Ultra 2TB works as advertised. Transfer rates are roughly 3x faster than that of a USB 2.0 drive. I noticed the difference in speed right away when transferring large files (1-5GB+), taking only 2-3 minutes instead of 5-10 minutes or longer depending on file size. I work with large media files all day long, so the bump up in transfer speeds is really nice. The drive is very quiet while running. You wouldn’t even know that it’s on except for a tiny little LED indicator light to the right of the USB connector port.

    So, why only four stars? Hardware-wise, The Passport Ultra is no different from WD’s regular Passport series of portable drives. They’re the same exact drives, only slightly different in appearance. What the regular Passports lack from the Ultra is the soft pouch, the Ultra label, and WD’s misleading labeling on the box that touts, “Auto & Cloud Backup Plus Security.” The “Auto” backup is merely referring to WD’s abysmal backup software included on the drive, WD SmartWare (more on that later). The “Cloud” backup is basically instructions on the box for setting up a DropBox account. No kidding! They’re advertising cloud storage on the front of their packaging like it’s a feature they’re offering. Flip the box over and you’ll see that it’s nothing more than an advertising gimmick for DropBox with instructions on how to set up an account.

    As for the included backup software, WD Smartware, they should consider renaming this to Dumbware or Stupidware, because it simply doesn’t work. The software is supposed to keep your designated files and folders on your PC synced to your Passport, meaning, when a file is updated or a new file is added, Smartware is supposed to see those changes and update the files on your Passport the next time you sync. Unfortunately, the current version of Smartware has a bug where it doesn’t notice any updated or newly added files and doesn’t copy them to your drive when you sync, rendering the whole thing useless. People have been complaining about this on WD’s support forum for a while now, and WD has yet to acknowledge it’s customers about the issue on the forums or address the issue with an update or fix. This is highly unacceptable!

    EDIT 2/23/14: Despite a new update for WD Smartware (v2.2.1, updated 11/25/13) which was supposed to, “fix an issue where files are not backing up properly in some instances,” it still does not function properly. After running the update, the software often hangs for too long or freezes up altogether. So, I’ve given up on WD Smartware. I wish I could use Seagate’s Manager software with this drive, as I never had a problem with that software.

    In summary, the WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Portable External Drive is a really great drive. It’s small, fast, quiet, and works as advertised. However, the drive retails for $30 more than the regular Passport model of the same storage capacity. All you’re really getting for that extra $30 is a silly, soft pouch, Ultra labeling on the drive, and the feeling that you’ve been made a sucker for believing this…

    Read more

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  2. 705 of 733 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    How to format on your Mac – A nice external hard drive be sure to get the best price., September 25, 2013
    Chuck Bittner “Disabled comedian & gamer!” (New England USA) –
    (TOP 100 REVIEWER)

    This is a nice drive be sure to click through each of the storage amounts because of the time of writing this review the 500 GB was only $10 less than the 1 TB and doubling your space for $10 is a no-brainer (Also be sure to click through the different colors as the prices vary for the same storage size for example the time of writing this review the black and blue 2 TB hard drives were $20 less than the red 2 TB hard drive). I never use backup software so I won’t comment on that. I’m on a Mac and time machine does it for me but even when I was a Windows user I would just format the hard drive and use it to store my files. I also recommend doing just one partition as personally I think when I get into multiple partitions it gets confusing as to where I put what and then you will run out of space on one partition while having ample on the other just use folders.

    If you’re a Mac user setting this hard drive up with your computer is super easy follow these steps.

    1. Plug in the the drive
    2. Open up disk utility found in your applications folder inside the utilities folder
    3. Next select the newly plugged in a drive and on the right-hand side you should see partition click on that.
    4. Then inside that screen on the partition layout drop-down choose how many partitions you’d like to set up. I generally go with one partition and just use folders to organize my files.
    5. Then on the right-hand side you can name the partitions and select the format. If you are transferring video files I highly recommend you choose Mac OS Extended (If you want to use it with Time Machine this is the choice you need to make) as it can handle files over 4GB. Sometimes it’s good to make two partitions and one using “MS-DOS fat” or “ExFat” if you might be transferring files to and from a Windows machine. The reason is Windows machines and Macs can read and write to the “MS-DOS fat” format but your files will need to be under 4 GB each as that’s the maximum file size it can handle.***
    6. Then click apply and your Mac will create all the partitions you wanted and you’re good to go.

    *** The ExFat format is newer PC & Mac format and doesn’t have a 4gb file size limit the “MS-DOS fat” or Fat32 does but not all cameras & digital devices can’t read or write to it.

    Thanks for reading it is helpful please click the button thanks.

    UPDATE: I edited this to correct an error in my use of NTFS thanks to David Hobbs in the comments


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  3. 348 of 367 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Incredibly spacious little hard drive, September 12, 2013
    Parka (Singapore) –

    Update 12 No 2013: Needed a slight update to my review because my original claim that My Passport (no Ultra) is cheaper is no longer true. Prices change, so do compare them before buying.

    My Passport Ultra is a fast drive. I’ve had several USB3 drives over the years and they are all real fast. If you need to transfer huge amount of data quickly, like 100+GBs, USB3 is the way to go. In terms of hardware, I don’t have any complaints.

    Oh the case looks pretty sleek too. No power cable required. You can use the USB cable with USB2 ports also, with the speed downgraded of course.

    – Bundle Software –
    1. WD Drive Utilities – Provides some utilities services to check status, test functionality and reformatting.
    2. WD Security – Enables you to set password to the drive
    3. WD SmartWare Pro – This handles the auto-backup. It’s for Windows only but Mac users can just use Time machine. You can choose to backup to Dropbox online for additional duplication. The thing about Dropbox is, you need to have your own account (obviously). WD is not providing any additional storage on Dropbox so the default starts at 2GB. Currently, the paid Dropbox plan starts with 100GB for 99 dollars per year. Personally, I would just buy another WD My Passport for duplication backup. For the same mount of money, I can also buy two different brands of 500GB hard drives for two peace of mind.

    If you’re into cloud drive, also check out Amazon Cloud Drive and the Google Drive. Both offer syncing services to your desktop drives.


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  4. The short answer is: You need the correct drivers for the hardware just like the other guy said, your friend probably forgot to install them after the format.

    Long-winded answer is:

    Drivers are software let the computer talk to the other “mini computer” as you put it in your words so it can preform its task of connecting you to the internet.

    Make sure before you reformat you should try to remember to do these simple things.

    1.)Make sure you have the drivers cds/files for your devices, otherwise they will not work.

    2.)You can use an online hard drive and back up things you want to save. Or if you got the cash you can just buy a 2nd external or internal hard drive to save things like your favorite music or movies or whatever you use it for. If you have a cd burner and know how to use it and only need a small amount of things put on it you can burn it to a cd or even a re-writeable cd.

    Theres some things you may want to consider next time so you don’t run into the same problem again.

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