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Question by xxxmisserinxxxx: Wireless Booster Question!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!?
okay so i dont get good service at my house except for some areas, like by windows and stuff.

so my mom will buy a wireless booster if i pay for half.

andd i wanted to know all the details like….
– other items it needs to work.
– if it needs an antenna.
– if it needs a wireless ROUTER of the same brand.
– and anyy other important details!!

thankss [:

Best answer:

Answer by ieDaddy
Wireless boosters just work as repeaters for the cell towers, most I’ve seen have a range of about 2500 feet. What it basically does is take the signal from outside and rebroadcasts it on the inside for your own personal cell zone – most boosters come as a kit with the following:

* Outdoor antenna (repeats the signal) can be installed outdoors above the roof line or indoors in the attic or near a window
* Coax cable connects from the outdoor antenna to the base unit
* Base unit: it amplifies the signal and provides oscillation detection/correction which protects the carrier network.
* Indoor antenna connects to the base unit to repeat the signal and create “Cell Zone”

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What customers say about WiFi Antenna Signal Pattern & Design – Omni-Directional & Directional Antenna Basics?

  1. It depends on what sort of “wireless” you are trying to boost.

    Is it Wi-Fi (WLAN) network connection? (802.11g/b/n)
    Do you mean cell phone (mobile) reception?
    What equipment do you already have?

    If it is Wi-Fi, you could consider changing your router from 802.11b/g to 802.11n… but you will also need to change your receiver to a compatible model. 802.11n has a much wider range and is a faster internal network too.
    You could also consider getting a Wi-Fi repeater that extends a wireless signal. Not all routers are compatible with repeaters so it may be best to contact the manufacturers of the router you currently have.

    Consider listing your budget and current equipment you have to get a better informed decision.

    Obviously if it is cell phone signal you are trying to boost then none of the above will be relevant and you could consider getting a cell phone signal repeater compatible with your service provider.

  2. Hi, what you need is a repeater that will increase the wireless signal within your home. You can visit http://www.maplin.co.uk
    You can simply use the search engines such yahoo search or google search to investigate. Just type repeater and follow the instruction.

    Note: please try and contact the customer service team before purchasing.
    For a moderate price listing you can get one from ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk

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