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Wireless N300 Gig Router

Wireless N300 Gig Router

Wireless N300 Gig Router

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Question by Mr.: Buffalo Router Pci adaptor question?
we have 3 computers in our house. All of them have XP
1.Emachines (downstairs) (wired)
2.Packard Bell (downstairs) (wired)
3.Compaq (uspstairs) (wireless)

The first computer is is hooked up fine. On the 2nd one do i need to get a WIRED pci adaptor?

& 3rd one that is the one i’m having the most problems with. I have the drivers installed first and the plugged the card in the motherboard and it read & loaded the drivers from that. It is installed in the device manager as it is working properly. It did say the wireless card is part of the bridge.

I saw the ip address on the back of the router that has a address for (router) and another ip # 4 (bridged). I went to put the numbers in but it WONT lock them in. I put the ip address in the correct box and then clicked the subnet mask field and it gave me that # automatically. But what #’s do i put in the primary DNS server and alternate DNS server.

back of router do i set it 2 (bri) or auto?
this is for the wireless cpu upstairs the other 2 cpu’s are fine – p.s. I did set the router to auto & I deleted the network bridge card (buff support said to). IT LOAD THE PAGES AND SIGN ME IN TO MESSENGER. But then I restarted it. When it booted back up the signal strength says very good / excellent but then when i click to load a page it says this page can not be displayed. what could still be wrong.

Best answer:

Answer by Colinc
You need to check the settings for the router with your isp. You should not have any bridging set, turn it of it will stop the connection. The ip address of the wireless connection should be set for automatic configuration, not manual, it gets the address from the router. The router address is not going to be the same as your machines.

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