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Question by Neil: Why does my Zyxel router keep losing DSL connection?
My Zyxel router keeps losing DSL connection every 10 minutes or so. I’ve done a factory reset, changed the location, changed frequency, updated the firmware and changed micro filters. How do I know if my router is faulty or the DSL signal from the exchange?

Best answer:

Answer by Adam
You can always purchase a new router, and see if that evens the internet out.

If it does, then keep it and know that your router was the problem
If it doesn’t, then return the one you just purchased back to the store.

you can always check the modem as well. if the modem is going out then you’ll have to replace that too. if you end up replacing both your router and your modem and the internet is still going on and off, then you can blame the cable connection.

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  1. I work with Zyxel routers at work/dls connections. if this is the 660HW – wireless router or the 660r modem you have to be able to see at the time of the disconnection if the DSL light or the Internet light goes out on the modem/router. if this is the case then for this matter you have to call the ISP because this is a bad modem/router or the DSLAM has an issue with it.
    if wireless to the 660HW and the lights DO NOT go out when you disconnect the computer should say not connected, this would be an issue of the wireless card on your computer or your getting a very low signal – this could be the router.

    Remember the biggest thing with dsl is the phone cable going to the wall jack, the best connection here is it going to the jack itself with no filter on the dsl line with about a 3 – 5 foot phone cord. no longer then 10 foot.

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